Welder Fabricator

Posted by: bjohnson@themgsgroup.com

June 22, 2018

As a WELDER FABRICATOR you will be asked to make custom design fabrications. This is highly detailed work and requires the Welder Fabricator to be knowledgeable of many techniques and tools. Must have willingness to analyze specifications, blue print reading and set up forms/jigs.  Operating small machine tools, work concurrently with Engineering and have full accountability for the finished quality of the machine through fabrication and assembly.


  • Verify dimensions, alignments, clearances involving laying out, cutting, fitting, measuring and welding metals to create the desired shape or object.
  • Inspect and test welds and equipment.
  • Experience using Acetylene Torches & Plasma cutting tools
  • Interpret blueprints, sketches, models, or specifications to plan sequences of fabrication assembly.
  • Lift, position, and secure machined parts and large assemblies using hoists, fork trucks or other proper lifting devices according to company safety standards.
  • Working constructively with mechanical engineering.
  • Willingness to perform a variety of tasks and relocate to different production areas as need of the business changes.
  • Crane and Hoist Safety a must.
  • Need the ability to be Fork Truck Certified.


Physical Limitations: Work may require lifting, pulling, and carrying up to fifty (50) pounds; frequent bending, climbing stairs, and reaching; standing up to six (6) hours per day.