Accumulators are temporary storage for in process production.  The MGS Group engineers the system for the specific product size, weight, bend radius, tension and line speeds.  Proper sizing insures trouble free operation for the range of products manufactured on the production line.  The MGS Group works with our customer to insure your line performance goals are met by designing systems based on your needs not a standard machine offering.  Our experience with products ranging from sensitive optical fiber to rubber hose and large power cables insures we have the experience necessary to meet and exceed your expectations.


The MGS Group has developed a superior Horizontal Accumulator System that solves the problems experienced with most torque type units. These advanced systems are designed for Payoff or Takeup applications, and can be manufactured for new installations or retrofit on existing lines.

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Horizontal Accumulator

Vertical Accumulator


The MGS Group Vertical Accumulator, both Payoff and Takeup, fills a real need on applications requiring up to 650 feet in capacity while providing constant uniform tension. A wide range of sizes, heights, and capacities are available.

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