The MGS Group offers COILING HEADS

Coiling heads wrap wire and cable into coils ready for customer delivery.  Mounted onto a cantilever type take up they offer an efficient means to ready the product for customer delivery.

Coiling Heads

When the package requirements spells out wire coils, The MGS Group offers custom designed coiling heads to address a variety of your needs.  Customers requirements vary in many respects where the ultimate customer is demanding packaged product to their needs.  We have delivered designs for large inner diameter coils, width ranging from minimum to maximum widths as well as other “standard” configurations.  We can make integral to the machine design, retrofits to existing machines, removable from our standard cantilever style takeups and more.  We have rebuilt our own and other manufacturers coiling heads to extend usable life times.

Coiling Head-IPL 2  Coiling Head-IPL 1

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