The MGS Group offers Rotating Machinery

Northampton Machinery is a recognized worldwide leader for stranding, bunching and cabling machines. The success of these products are reflected in the number of systems in operation each and every day in plants around the world. Emphasis on robust and reliable combined with engineered for the application results in systems that stand the test of time.  Northampton revolutionized many aspects of rotational machinery for power cables to data communications. The mechanical machine design outlasts all others, pound for pound – kilo for kilo no other machine provides the return on investment Northampton machines are renowned for.  With years of experience with rotational machinery, The MGS Group is well positioned to offer new and rebuilt machines as well as upgrades to your existing machines.

Single Twist

The MGS Group offers the ST800 and ST1000 ideally suited to manufacture high specification Category type or LAN cables. Through an aerodynamic rotor and guide pulley construction, this machine provides stable layup of twinned pairs. By tension balanced component layout, extremely sensitive product constructions are accomplished with high efficiency. This product is typically used for LAN – UTP/STP/SSTP constructions for levels CAT 5/5e/6/7/++. The unit can work with cables with and without pair separators. Additional cable constructions include but not limited to control cables, signal cables and telephone cables.

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Single Twist

B560 Double Twist

Double Twist

The SLB Series Double Twist machines are workhorses in the industry. The rugged design coupled with tension control attention to detail creates the best constructions with efficient operation and long term value.

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Triple Twist

The TT560/630 & TT600/630 machines are designed to twin CAT 5/6/7/8 24awg pairs in a most efficient approach. By combining a double twist twinner with two dancer controlled payoffs housed in one common enclosure the Triple Twist machine produces twinned pairs with ultimate confidence that the product has been assembled with minimal handling and ultimate attention to tension control throughout the process.

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Triple Twist-5 Edited

buncher-pretwister 800

Buncher Pretwister

Where your product design requires an additional twist prior to the buncher or cabler we have the product to impart this effect.

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