The MGS Group offers TWINNERS

Twinners take individual strands or primary wires and matches them to produce pairs for datacom applications.

Triple Twist Machines

The MGS Group / Northampton Triple Twist incorporates both payoffs and takeup spools into one common machine to produce high specification twinned products suitable for Categories 5, 6, 7 and beyond.  Northampton and The MGS Group’s significant experience with tension control insures the capability to deliver reliable and repeatable cable constructions with a design that minimizes the number of sheaves the product passes over.

Triple Twist Twinner

Double Twist Machines

The MGS Group / Northampton Machine Double Twist Machines offer twisting capabilities for a variety of applications.  The attention to tension control and stable vibration free operation insures gentle care on the sensitive layup of high level category cables.

B560 / 22″ Double Twist Machine

B560 Double Twist1

B630E Double Twist Machine

B6301  B6302


The MGS Group / Northampton BTPO 560E Back Twist Payoff provides back twisted tension controlled twisted pairs to the category cabling operation.

BTBO 560E1 BTBO 560E2

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