The MGS Group offers Rebuild and Upgrade Services

The MGS Group’s rugged and durable machine designs assure you of decades of service.  While the machines last and last, newer mechanical and electronic technologies offer increased efficiency and less maintenance for future years of operation.  The MGS Group Engineering staff has a rich program of machine rebuilds and has developed upgrades for the benefit of our customers. All these upgrades start with a conversation with your contacts at The MGS Group!

Used Equipment Rebuilds – We have taken machines, after years of service, and done complete, to assembly level, rebuilds. We can rebuild the entire machine to factory new condition or scale the rebuild to fit your needs. Our in house capabilities offer mechanical, electrical and controls rebuilds that bring your machine to “like new” condition. In plant services include bearing replacements, failed component replacements, electrical and controls upgrades and more.  The MGS Group team is highly responsive to our customers’ desires to maximize the benefits of the robust nature of our machine designs.


Upgrade Services – Mechanical systems often outlast the electrical and electronics that power and control the machine. Advances in technology offer real benefits toward operator ease-of-use and machine function. A host of upgrades can bring higher production capacities to an older machine. In many cases, we can upgrade the Human Machine Interface (HMI) to make operations simpler thereby improving efficiency and output.

Northampton Machine Quick-Change Slip Ring Brushes and Holder UpgradesThe MGS Group engineering department developed a greatly improved slip ring system for the weak link in rotational machinery, the slip ring assembly. By increasing the brush size 50% and, at the same time, applying equal brush contact pressure with the slip ring, brush life has been dramatically enhanced. Couple this with a holder design allowing quick changing of the brushes when replacement time comes, downtime associated with slip ring maintenance has been dramatically reduced. Success on this upgrade has been marked by huge ROI benefits.

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