The MGS Group offers CAPSTANS

Capstans are power driven machines that pull wire, cable hose or tube at a constant speed through a processing line.  The MGS Group supplies a range of machines designed for a variety of needs in different markets.


Available in sizes for optical fiber through larger wire and cable. Both horizontal and vertical types are offered. Totally enclosed unitized frame design with easy access hinged doors. The capstan wheel is hard-faced and equipped with a polyurethane belt and is mounted directly to the gearbox. An air cylinder and regulator are provided to tension the belt.

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Vertical Belt Wrap Capstan

Caterpillar Capstan


HALL Industries Caterpillar Capstans, in sizes 10- inch through 60-inch, are developed to meet industry needs and have many outstanding features. These capstans have been used in a variety of applications within the wire and cable industry. This design has been highly successful addressing SRL and Fiber Optic applications.

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MGS Series LC Linear Capstans are engineered and constructed for low maintenance and continuous service. These designs are rugged and robust with long lasting performance across the wire and cable marketplace.

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MGS Linear Capstan

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