Automation is key to advancing material handling solutions today. The MGS Group has been on the forefront of implementing robotic solutions into material handling and packaging applications with our customers. Our range of experience includes REELBOT gantry and 6 axis robotic arm applications. Our breadth of applications experience allows our engineers to rapidly assess requirements and develop solutions to meet an ever expanding range of applications in the wire, cable, hose and tube markets.

Robots have contributed to plant efficiency with repetitive operations in the automotive world for years. With today’s advances in vision and sensor technologies combined with robotics, The MGS Group engineers have developed solutions that dynamically adapt to the variations within the continuous process industries we work in. Our approach to these applications have provided reliable machine performance in applications where automation has failed in the past. We continue to strive to implement latest machine and sensor technologies to insure trouble free movement of your product throughout the process. We engineer solutions to meet your challenge in a high tech / low cost approach where the value is seen for years of operation.

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