The MGS Group offers Respoolers – Rewinders.

Respoolers – Rewinders

The MGS Group and Hall Industries has been a recognized leader in rewind machines for the fiber optics industry since the 1980’s.  With emphasis on tension control capabilities the MGS Group Optical Fiber Rewind / Inspection machine demonstrates high productivity and product handling excellence. Our Optical Fiber Rewinder is designed to run at speeds up to 800 meters per minute (2625 feet per minute), while maintaining tension as low as 30 grams (1.0 ounce).  This compact unit is caster mounted for easy movement throughout your plant. Simply plug in the power and connect the air.  Our full range of rewinders includes roll in designs for a range of fiber and wire applications.  These compact and versatile machines provide ease of use, safety, ergonomic operation and compact footprints.


Fiber Rewinder Bi-Directional  Cone Pintle Rewind Line

rewind-cp-30in-2  Rewinder-24in HS

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