Product packaging requires automation to insure you deliver your product with quality and efficiency.  Labor, health and safety benefits are recognized in addition to the operational efficiency.  The MGS Group has offered the FAT (Fully Automatic Takeup) automatic takeup systems for over 20 years.  Our success has been driven by the care given to product handling, the flexibility we have to address customer specific requirements and the attention to customer support.  The MGS Group is ready to help you with your packaging needs.

FAT616 – FAT820 Fully Automatic Takeups – The MGS Group’s “Next Generation” of systems!

The MGS Group has offered the FAT Series Fully Automatic Takeups for over 20 years.  Today we are delivering to the market our next generation FAT616 and FAT820 systems.  Where the original FAT system enjoyed success in the market, many customers came to us requesting exactly what we deliver in these new systems!  Smaller Footprint, Faster production speeds and a more economical investment.  We deliver on customer demands and our customers are excited with the new system and latest engineering effort!  The FAT616 and FAT820 are designed for on-line or off-line packaging of products such as THHN, NMB, category, coaxial cable, tubing, hose and optical fiber cable.  The systems are capable of working with a full range of customer designated reel sizes and formats.  Our state of the art integrated mechanical design and controls system precisely winds a wide variety of products and reels. This system is easy, efficient and productive to use.

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ReelBOT – Robotic Handling Systems

Our ReelBOT Robotic systems introduced robotic handling into the packaging of reels and coils in a productive manner. Through the integration of technologies – robot, vision and sensor we are able to monitor movements throughout the various processes in the packaging operation.  When working with spools or reels nothing is perfect. We use vision and sensor systems to guide the robot through the pick and place process on loading empties to insure poorly stacked incoming materials arrive at the input feed conveyor without conflict.  As irregular flanges impact conveyance through the machine, we have to monitor positions throughout the movements within the system.  We keep close watch on the progress of each package to insure that it flows smoothly to its final loading onto the delivery pallet.  Our close attention to detail and multi technology, multi sensor approach insures non-perfect packaging media does not adversely affect your efficiency.

ReelBOT – Six Axis – Robotic Handling Systems

The MGS Group introduced ReelBOT – Six Axis system to the market in 2015.  This approach delivers flexibility and speed to the packaging handling side of the automation system.

6-Axis Robot 21

robot arm1

ReelBOT – Gantry – Robotic Handling Systems

The MGS Group ReelBOT – Gantry reel handling system is a successful robotic solution to a variety of Wire and Cable packaging applications.
We will review your application and decide which robotic technology will provide you the best value and performance.


          Gantry Robot-4 station

Autocoil – Automatic Coiler System

The MGS Group Automatic Coiling System is capable of addressing needs in various markets with coiling packaging systems. The system works with metal clad or armored cables, non-metallic conduit, PEX pipe, and other products. The system winds coils up to approximately 24”OD, and applies strap to hold the coil together as it moves through the shrink wrap and shrink tunnel machines. The system is designed to optimize productivity while minimizing floor space and is fully enclosed for safety. Once strung up, the Coiling Machine operates continuously without operator involvement.

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