Wire, cable, hose and tubes are usually sold by length. To insure delivery of specified lengths The MGS group offers high precision length measurement systems. These systems are designed for accuracy and long lifetime performance.  With available caterpillar and squeeze roller designs you can select the right approach for your application. The manufacturing process includes many elements of the operation driven by these measured values such as printing and cutting the product. To support these functions, additional encoders with various output capabilities to support the operation are available.

Caterpillar Type

The caterpillar design length measurement system is a well recognized and reliable solution for accurate measurements of wire, cable, hose and tubes with smooth and irregular surfaces.  Our caterpillar-type measuring machines are designed to provide accurate length measurement with no slippage through the use of endless belt surface contact with the product surface.

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CAT Measuring Machines

Squeeze Roller Type Measuring Machines

The MGS Group offers the WM Machine series of squeeze roller type measuring machines.  Designed for rugged reliability, these systems have few wearing items and provide years of continuous duty operation.

Measuring Machine-WM-Front

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